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From Greek "micros" (μικρός, "small"), "cosmos" (κόσμoς, "world"). "Microcosm" = "small world'. 

In a programme guided by the enigmatic and abbreviated universe of Béla Bartók's pieces for solo piano, the Ensemble Rayuela returns to the origin of its own 'cosmos' to express itself through the different combinations that can be found within the group. 

From the most elementary chamber music formation with Alma Mahler-Schindler's Lieder to Gustav Mahler's Piano Quartet in A minor, through Jacques Ibert's "5 pièces en trio"; we offer a set of masterpieces articulated in "micro" movements, always introduced by the piano chords giving a voice to the Mikrokosmos of the Hungarian composer. A metamorphosis of the pieces that culminates at the end of the programme in Antonin Dvorak's "5 bagatelles", a version for three saxophones and piano with which the Ensemble Rayuela will end this cosmic journey.

Béla Bartok


Gustav Mahler

Quatuor avec Piano en La mineur

Arr. Nahikari Oloriz Maya 

Alma Mahler Schindler

Die stille stadt

Licht in der nacht


Arr. Ensemble Rayuela


Jacques Ibert 

5 pièces en trio

Arr. Nahikari Oloriz Maya


Antonín Dvorak 

5 Bagatelles op.47, B.79.​

Arr. Alberto Di Priolo

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