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Peter and
the wolf
              pedagogical project

It is precisely when Peter meets the sax that the tale gets a more modern look, and as our young hero enters the forest, new characters and therefore new sounds appear on his way, the sound imaginary world gets painted by the colours of the saxophone, unified by the magic tone of the piano.

The tale of “Peter and the wolf” was commissioned by Serge Prokofiev with the aim of allowing children to discover the world of classical music and, above all, allowing themdiscover some of the instruments of the orchestra. While the storyteller tells the tale, theorchestra emphasises the story with musical interludes, in which the different protagonists are personified by specific instruments. «Peter and the wolf» presented by the Ensemble Rayuela gets a different look. Even if the story is still the same, this time it is the varied sounds of five different saxophones that are honoured, and whose sound-worlds are supported by the richness of the piano. This tale becomes a way to discover this diversity of colours and characteristics of the saxophone.

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