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After the first edition’s success, the Rayuela Meeting 2023 will open its doors to Spanish and international saxophonists and musicians from 8th to 12th march in Albacete.

As in the previous edition, the space that will host most of the activities will be the Casa de la Cultura Josè Saramago in Albacete.


The project is born from the common desire to transmit the spirit of the Ensemble to the new generations of saxophonists and musicians in general. A project marked by the search for new artistic horizons and the interaction between the different social and cultural actors, gathered around the wide range of activities that will take place at the Rayuela Meeting. 


The central axis of the event revolves around pedagogy: the lessons are designed for young virtuosos of the saxophone, trumpet players and emerging chamber music groups.


For its second edition, in addition to the Ensemble Rayuela, the festival has an outstanding teaching staff to offer an incomparable artistic quality: Spanish Brass (National Music Prize 2020), Vincent David (French saxophonist of internationally renown, "Grand Prix Lycéens des Compositeurs" and "Prix collégiens des compositeurs"), Marcos García Vaquero (principal trumpet of the Teatro Real).


Committed to the professional development of emerging groups and young artists, after having invited the Ensemble Rhapsodix from Toulouse in 2022, the Rayuela Meeting 2023 will count with the participation of the Saxophone Ensemble of the CSM of Castilla - La Mancha and the saxophone teachers Antonio Felipe Belíjar and Patricia Coronel.

The Rayuela Meeting will also count with the collaboration of Tomás Jerez Munera, alto saxophone soloist of the Banda Municipal de Música Albacete.


In addition, participants will be able to enjoy a wide range of experiences around saxophone, brass and chamber music: a conference focused on cultural management and the development of professional and artistic projects as a complement to the student's education, a repair workshop and an exhibition of brands with the latest developments in the saxophone and brass world.


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Welcoming by
Mª Victoria Leal Utiel

The 2nd edition of the Rayuela Meeting will be held in Albacete from 8 to 12 March 2023 and will be organised by the Rayuela Ensemble. 

It is a real honour to be part of this initiative through a few lines that I write with emotion and full of gratitude. Culture, in any of its forms, is emotion, is truth, is life... and every initiative that comes to our province to contribute to its development and expansion, bringing to our neighbours glimpses of this art, deserves all my gratitude and, of course, all my recognition and admiration. 

This first edition of 'Rayuela Sax Meeting' is a breath of fresh air and a space of musical quality in capital letters, which comes to add to the rich and varied cultural programme that season after season draws this Albacete of ours, which is a perfect meeting place where each and every artistic discipline is welcome and where artists feel at home, because this province is open, plural... and tremendously welcoming. 

And it dawns, every day, with its arms open, always ready to be the stage for new stories and new histories, for encounters and reunions, with new proposals and better shows for the delight of the citizens and, on this occasion, as a councillor of the Madrigueras Town Council, I cannot hide my pride in knowing that I am proud to know that the province is always ready to be the stage for new stories and new histories, for encounters and reunions, with new proposals and better shows for the delight of the citizens, I cannot hide my pride in knowing that the group Ensemble Rayuela, the creator of this initiative, counts among its members a woman from La Mancha, Raquel Paños Castillo, who together with Rui Ozawa, Nahikari Oloriz Maya and Livia Ferrara, gives life to this magnificent quartet. 

Four brave, adventurous, brave women, gifted with an extraordinary talent that they have been able to enrich through hard work and passion for music; making each instrument an extension of their dexterous hands; an art that now comes to our province to remind and enrich us through a conference that will be a meeting point for national and international teachers and students of all ages and places.
A unique opportunity that no one can miss... 
María Victoria Leal Utiel
Councillor of Madrigueras Town Council (Albacete)

With gratitude...

 Spanish Brass, Vincent David, Tomás Jerez, Marcos García Vaquero, Antonio Felipe Belijar and Patricia Coronel

Casa de la Cultura José Saramago and especially to Javier Hidalgo

CPM "Tomás de Torrejon y Velasco", Real Conservatorio de Música y Danza de Albacete, and CSM de Castilla la Mancha. Thanks to the management and pedagogical team of the centres for the immense help received both in the elaboration and the development of this project.

Javier Martí, Cari García and Daniel Durán

María Victoria Leal, Carmen Fuentes, Ana García 
and all the volunteers who have offered their selfless help.  

To all the collaborators and sponsors who have made it possible to carry out this first Rayuela Sax Meeting in the best possible conditions, and of course to the participating students, without whom this adventure, which has only just begun, would not be possible. 

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