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Tableaux echoes the principle of hopscotch that characterizes the ensemble. In this program we recorded on our first album with the same title  for the Polish label DUX, Mussorgsky's masterpiece takes us from one painting to another as we would go from case to case on the hopscotch. We want to share with the public the two aspects that characterize our ensemble: the desire to approach the masterpieces of the classical repertoire, which are not original for saxophone, like the "Pictures at an Exhibition", as well as our commitment to the creation of works by contemporary composers.


Thus, Alex Nante, in his saxophone quartet, follows the idea of the album by taking inspiration from the most precious painting for saxophonists: "The Old Castle". A melody of softly melancholic colors, with which the Argentine composer creates a visual music that evokes images and symbols.


At the same time, and still strongly influenced by the image of hopscotch, Benoît Sitzia writes "Rayuela", also for saxophone quartet. A piece composed as a hopscotch in three parts for four voices and four other soloist miniatures that can be separated and combined. “Hopscotch is a game that mixes the most material and subtle characteristics of a life path”, says the French composer when reflecting on his piece. 

Modest Mussorgsky

Pictures at an exhibition 

(arr. David Walter)


Benoît Sitzia



Alex Nante

Altro Castello

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